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Growmax Wealth Management Services is a value-based trusted and dependable real estate advisors in India. We have established ourselves as one of the key players in the Indian real estate advisory services. Growmax Wealth Management Services founded by Mr. Jay Prakash in 2017. The organization is rapidly growing under his expert supervision. His futuristic skills, 10 years of rich knowledge in the real estate sector, impressive leadership skills enable us to cater to the needs of the clients in the best possible manner.

We are helping people passionately with a smile and hard work to find their profitable dream space at the right price from the right person and through the right person at utmost convenience. Thought we have rich knowledge real estate market such as Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Affordable Homes, Retail, Pre Leased Commercial, Hospitality, Co-Working, Co-living, Holiday Homes, REITS, etc but have Super Specialisation in the sale of luxury Primary Residential Real Estate market.

We are based in Dwarka Subcity New Delhi and cater Delhi NCR real estate market but specialization is in the Dwarka expressway Gurugram micro-market.

We have a very diversified real estate portfolio. Our project unit price ranging from 15 lakhs to 15 crores. But our specialization is in project unit cost ranging from 1crore to 3 crores.

We have served to date more than thousands of domestic as well as international clients. we have been recognized for our outstanding advisory services ethical and transparent business practices.

VISION: We want to become the Value-based most Reliable and Dependable Real Estate Advisors in India.

MISSION: we are on the mission to create a process-driven ECOSYSTEM by implementing technology and continuous innovations where an individual or an organization can find their dream Space at The Right Price, from The Right Person and through The Right Person at our utmost Convenience.

Our Values: TRUST

T->TRUSTWORTHY: Our loyalty and commitment towards customer service, satisfaction, and customer delight bring dependability.

R->RESPONSIBLE: We shall be accountable and responsible for our actions. Our character and action shall be an inspiration to others.

U->(YOU): Your interest comes first always and every time.

S->SAFETY: Safety of our client’s investment comes first always and every time. Returns and capital appreciation follows later.

T->TRANSPARENCY: Transparency, Honesty, Values, Loyalty, Commitment, and Dependability are our DNA.


We are committed to delight our customers by providing end-to-end transactional and non-transactional support at the utmost convenience. We shall be continuously improving our process by implementing technology and continuous innovations. we adopt ethical practices by engaging our employees, partners, and stakeholders. Our client’s best interest will always supersede our personal gain without compromising our ethics and genuine rights.


What our Customer will get if they do business with us

  1. The safety of my client’s investment comes first always and every time. Returns and capital appreciation follows later
  2. Exclusive research, analysis, and reports to empower your property buying process.
  3. Pre Sales Services such as Comparative Market Analysis, Projects Shortlisting, Site Visits, Exclusive Inventory, Negotiation and Documentation, Lowest Price Guaranteed, Home Loans, and Insurance Assistance
  4. Post Sales Services such as Documentations, Regular Projects reports and updates, Possession and Registration Assistance, Vastu, Fitout and Move-in Assistance
  5. Professional, Authentic, Genuine, Honest, Transparent and Personalized Services
  6. We shall always exceed the client’s expectations
  7. Clients’ best interest will always supersede personal gains without compromising our ethics and Genuine Rights
  8. Customer’s Delight is our standard practice
  9. We deliver more than that we promise. Our promises shall be non-negotiable