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We all know the proven facts about the real estate

  1. 53% of the world’s wealth is in real estate
  2. 90% of of all millionaires achieve this status through owning property
  3. It is the third most basic requirement of human needs (रोटी, कपड़ा और मकान)
  4. It is the oldest, biggest and safest asset class
  5. Real, tangible, physical, can’t be lost or stolen and carried away.
  6. It is the steady and passive source of income with capital appreciation against inflation
  7. Pride of ownership, sense of security and peace of mind
  8. No capital erosion, capital loss, or sudden capital loss because it has low or no impact of news and rumors as you are the owner and controller of your property.
  9. One can own with as minimum as 10% to 20% making down payment.
  10. One can live, rent, sale or refinance it
  11. Leverage of bank loan and Tax benefit