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The proven ways to buy profitable property at the utmost convenience which have already helped 1000s of my client to make fortune out of it.


  1. Deep scanning and assessment of client’s requirement by knowing your budget, core intention, purpose, time horizon, future planning, etc
  2. Choosing right & best developers, Futuristic location & connectivity, Future-ready property, construction quality, amenities, layout, etc.
  3. We perform Due diligence always and every time to ensure your safety of the investment. Due diligence includes the following things:

(a). Is it a process-driven company or a people-driven company( LALA Company)?

(b). Key management behind the company.

(c). The business model is profitable or just hypothetical.

(d). Title and ownership of the property or land with proper chain.

(e). All approvals should be in place e.g. RERA, Site & Building Plans, etc.

(f). The balance sheet and financial of the company to ensure on-time delivery irrespective of sales.

(g). The efficiency and capability of the developer to ensure timely delivery and best quality irrespective of any odd situations.

(h). We check the reviews of buyers, sellers, residents & tenants of all past projects.

(i). Papers do not tell the intention of developers. So checking intension is very important.

(j). Current and past rating of the Developers and their projects by rating agencies.

(K). The promotors or groups are into the core business of Real estate or they are into a diversified business.

  1. We ensure you are the buying property at the right price from the right Person and Through the right Person. We negotiate hard and find a property below the market price. We also ensure profit, premium, or appreciation from day one i.e. at the time of purchase.
  2. We try to keep your own investment as low as possible without involving your bank loan. We don’t consider bank approved projects blindly because the bank only checks papers and not their intention and all records. They check current project papers only.
  3. No or less recurring expenses of building and maintenance cost low to get excellent rental yield and capital appreciation.


These are the few points that you need to keep in mind in order to buy a property whereas there are many more points that need to be implemented while buying property to maximize your property returns and to exit or keep liquidity of property high. These are floor preference, view preference, specifications, row, semi-furnished or furnished, amenities,  property segment, quality of constructions, Vastu, Sun direction, cross ventilation, Open area, Loading, Maintenance cost, Age of property, Social infrastructure like schools, colleges, hospitals, malls, multiplexes, public utility area, Airport, Govt, and private offices, Convention centre, etc.